Numerous CTA service changes effective next week

Some bus routes will add service, some will be eliminated, and some routes will change next week.

Read about all those changes here.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about that minor inconvenience where Michigan Avenue is shut down for more than two days early next week.

Thanks, Oprah!

That’s the major event mentioned in this weekend’s service change alert. There is NO Blue Line slow zone work this weekend.

And here’s to a great holiday weekend.


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  • Someone pointed out that the 55A/55N combo was postponed. Any reason why?

  • The police barricades for Oprah are out, ready to be assembled and as far north as Chicago Avenue.

  • Why didn't she just go all out and close down Lakeshore in front of Grant Park or maybe just setup camp right in the middle of the Circle interchange and close that all down. Oh that's right, even in Chicago, it's the motorists who matter, not the public transit riders, they can be inconvienced at will w/o repercussions. I also question why this takes 2.5 days and had to be done in a roadway at all. Ellen had her show downtown, no street closures. I'm sure Navy Pier would have rented her the whole place out, or there's always Grant Park.

  • In reply to chaun:

    To be fair, LSD does get closed a lot, such as for events like Bike the Drive.

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