How to get around Oprah's ode to self on Michigan Avenue

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Michigan Avenue from the
bridge north to Ohio Street is closed Monday and Tuesday for the taping
of the 24th season premiere of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

As a result, 15 bus routes must be rerouted Monday and Tuesday. Read the CTA press release here.

In the simplest terms, northbound buses that usually travel Michigan Avenue will use Dearborn instead, and southbound buses will use Clark Street.

Let us know how your commute goes.


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  • No one mentioned "anarchy and chaos", just a major disruption. Fifteen bus lines had to be altered. That's not a minor thing. My commute was lengthend as well. Luckily I left about 20 minutes earlier. Second, who cares about the traffic on Labor Day? The workday traffic is the one that matters.

    Please, stop the hyperbole just to "prove a point". No one mentioned any sky-falling scenarios. But the major disruption of the workday commute for an event that has no real reason to exist there other than the egos of a tv celebrity and a do-nothing mayor does exist. And as far as that goes, everyone who though it would happen was right.

  • Speaking of hyperbole, Guy, Daley is hardly a "do-nothing mayor." In fact, much of the criticism he has garnered has been for things he has done. You might oppose many of the actions he's taken, but he certainly doesn't sit around doing nothing. And for all of the legitimate reasons for criticizing him, Chicago is still doing better than most other major U.S. cities in many aspects.

  • To MK: a report just for you -

    Joe001: you're right. He's not a "do nothing", He's a "do nothing of long-lasting benefit to the entire populace." I stand corrected.

  • You may stand corrected, Ken or Guy or whomever you are, but you are still wrong. There's a lot that can be criticized about Daley, from the parking meter debacle to the contractual favoritism that has been reported, but Chicago is indeed still doing better than most major U.S. cities and he deserves credit for that if he's going to get blamed for the things that are wrong. Our credit rating as a city is strong, we are renewing our infrastructure beyond what would be expected during such poor economic times and we've been attracting new business to the city. Such things benefit the "entire populace." Many of the problems we have, such as with crime and education, are issues every major city is also facing.

  • This isn't the Mayor Daley Sucks blog, although he does, but keep in mind, Joe, that the reason new business is attracted to the city is that Daley forgives their tax burden in full or in large part. Along with the millions in residential property taxes that he's socking into questionable TIF districts and the extremely unfavorable privatization deals he's eager to sign, it's no wonder the city is bankrupt. (Is $400 million in debt really "doing better than most major U.S. cities"?)

    As for the suckitude of Oprah Day, it's an open-ended scale that's already much higher than I could've anticipated. The noise levels from the prerecorded music are astonishing; she truly has no use for the thousands of people in the area trying to get work done, especially those of us who depend on phones. And yes, the Red Line commute was miserable, although it wasn't as bad as my regular express bus would have been. A shot I took some hours ago from my building: -- but it's much worse out there now.

  • Bob, I don't think we're $400 million in debt; I believe that's the budget shortfall if projected revenues come in as forecast compared to the current spending plans. But yes, we really are doing better than most other major U.S. cities. Look around at what's happening in those other cities, including New York and Philadelphia and any other that interests you. They almost all have major public transit shortfalls (to get back on topic), as well as general municipal funding crises.

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