Hopes for a nice place to get a cuppa joe at the rail station

(Read the first two installments on the CTA’s contract with Jones Lang LaSalle.)

Toward the end of our visit, I asked both the CTA’s Bill Trumbull
and JLL’s Sandra Greene about what successes they hoped to accomplish in the next
year. Greene gave both a corporate and more human response:

hope to make reasonable and realistic accomplishments in providing more
revenue to the CTA.” That’s corporate speak, of course.

I’d also like to be able to sit and have a cup of coffee with you right
here,” she added, gesturing to the empty storefront at Granville. Yep,
that’s appeals to the human side in all of us.

Trumbull summed it up like this:

stations are anchors for the community. And they should be destinations
where people want to go. And they should come to a place that is clear,
smells fresh, and is fun.”

I think we all can agree with that. 


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  • clear or clean?

  • clear or clean?

  • clear or clean?

  • A nice cup of coffee at Granville? They think they'll be able to offer a better product than Metropolis's in a nicer environment than Metropolis's at better prices than Metropolis's? I'll make the popcorn -- this will be fun to watch.

  • I sure as hell don't go to L stations to have fun. I go there to get on the freakin L.

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