Blue Line work continues, as does platform work on Brown, Red Lines

Slow zone work again shuts stations on the Blue Line between Clark/Lake and UIC/Halsted. Shuttle buses will replace rail service at those stations.

And again this weekend, the east platform of the Red and Brown Lines at Fullerton and Belmont  will close as workers try to finish stuff there. Last weekend I saw they were working on the canopy extensions.

Also, regarding the new stationhouses at both Fullerton and Belmont, I learned that they will not be the traditional “house” — that is, having four walls and a roof. Here’s what the CTA had to say about me:

“The Belmont and Fullerton stations were designed with an open-plaza concept. Community meetings were held with members of the community and business owners around both stations to discuss all aspects of the project – including station design. In the final design, the sides of the station will be enclosed by galvanized steel frames with glass panels. The track deck will cover the roof of the entry, in addition to a roof over the top of the fareboxes and turnstiles.”

Boarding changed at Sheridan. Also this weekend Red Lines trains will board on the outer, Purple Line tracks at Sheridan. There was some grousing yesterday in comments about the progress of slow zone repairs north of Addison. Well folks, the reason for the boarding change at Sheridan is so workers can focus on fixing slow zones on the Red Line tracks  


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  • The CTA employee on the platform at Belmont yesterday was HILARIOUS! Instead of just standing around waiting for confused people to ask a question and then mumbling a response as seems to be the usual, this guy was loudly and clearly telling passengers about the single track boarding. My favorite lines were: "I've been out here for ten hours and every train that comes through here SOMEONE gets on the wrong train because they're not paying attention. Don't let it be you." A group of young women dressed for a night of clubbing insisted they needed to go to the east platform to get the northbound Brown. He replied, "I suppose you could try, but that third rail is for real and you might just mess up your hair. Why don't you just stay right here and board the northbound train like I've been saying. We'll get you to the party. Don't worry!" I suppose some passengers thought he was obnoxious, but it was midnight, I just wanted to go home and go to sleep and I thought it injected some much-needed levity into a really long wait.

  • The Belmont and Fullerton stations will have non-traditional station houses? Does that mean that they actually plan on finishing the platforms? I cannot recall the last time that I saw anyone doing any work at either of those stations!

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