Another school year officially begins, so make room on trains and buses

The Tuesday after Labor Day marks the official first day of classes for the Chicago Public Schools. That also mean space on rail cars and buses tightens up a little bit, particularly for the morning rush hour.

So, leave a little earlier, and make a little more room for all those darlings in their school uniforms — whether they are plaid skirts or not.

And those students from Jones College Prep who use the Red Line will be happy to see the Harrison Street entrance reopen on Wednesday. They have used the Polk Street side of the station since May for about a year as the Harrison end was rehabbed.

More bus changes. The CTA also announce quite a few bus changes taking effect this week. Check them out here.

Oprah headaches?
If you’re one of the many commuters to have your bus ride on Michigan Avenue interrupted and rerouted today, let us know via comment how that went.


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  • Um, hasn't the Harrison Street entrance only been closed since May?

  • In reply to cccpr1:

    Yes, you are correct Kevin. Thanks.

  • In reply to cccpr1:

    Also, do we know if CTA will be removing the farecard machines, smaller turnstiles, and employee "office" from the Polk entrance now that Harrison is open again? I truly despise those full-body turnstiles they used to have there.

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