Weekend work: Blue Line work continues; east side of Belmont, Fullerton closed

There’s no major downtown event this weekend, so the Blue Line will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday till 4 a.m. this weekend from Clark/Lake to Western for slow zone repairs. Also, the east platform at Fullerton and Belmont will be closed as workers continue elevator and escalator installations, among other work.

Blue Line passengers in the affected areas can catch shuttle buses. Red and Brown Line riders will use the west platform for both north- and southbound travel.

And, folks north heading to Rogers Park’s Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest early Saturday should be advised that the Morse (and Jarvis) stations will be closed to northbound traffic from 6 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

For service from Morse and Jarvis stations, take a 95th-bound train to Loyola and transfer to a Howard-bound train.

For service to these stations, take a Howard-bound train to Howard and transfer to a 95th-bound train.

Update: The Morse-Jarvis work was cancelled. (Thanks, Chris.)

Check the Web site for more information, especially on bus reroutes this weekend.


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  • Website link is wrong Kevin. Goes to a Mailto link.

  • Also according to the site, the Morse and Jarvis stations will be operating normally. The work was cancelled.

  • Thanks to Chris for both corrections. Just fixed them.

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