Three bus routes eliminated, service changes on three others

The CTA board voted last week to eliminate service on two Hyde Park routes — #173 U of Chicago/Lakeview Express and #174 U of Chicago/Garfield Stations — and on the #200 Main Shuttle in Evanston.

Low ridership was cited, plus the CTA said the University of Chicago requested elimination of the Hyde Park routes. The school had subsidized the routes since 2000.

The Evanston route was eliminated because ridership had dropped to fewer than 100 passengers per day. It had served the Rand McNally corporate headquarters, but it closed in January.

Night owl service for another Evanston route, #N201 Central/Sherman, was permanently changed. Previously, #N201 Central/Sherman buses operated south to the accessible Granville Red Line station to accommodate customers with disabilities.

Since December 2008, #N201 buses have traveled south to the renovated, accessible Howard station instead of the Granville Red Line station during night Owl service hours or when the Purple Line is not operating. This routing for #N201 buses is now permanent.

And in Hyde Park, the #171 U of Chicago/Hyde and #172 U of Chicago/Kenwood routes schedules were shortened, while the #171 route was changed. Find details here.


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  • The only overnight bus that leaves Howard southbound is the #22, which doesn't go anywhere near the Red Line until Addison. The #147 (and #151 on Sunday nights) passes the Loyola station but it stops running around midnight. Moot point now, though.

    Still never made sense how the bus is cheaper than running the Purple Line all night. The stations are still staffed by security guards, and you'd need the same amount of train operators as bus operators. Only reasons I can think of are that fuel may be cheaper than electricity and it may save on maintenance over time since the CTA isn't responsible for the roads as they are for the rail.

  • Well, this should help eliminate some wasted expenses. Not as much with the subsidized route, but every little bit helps when your budget is shot to hell.

  • In reply to chris:

    It is no longer a subsidized route when the University says to cancel it. Of course, whether CTA should be running routes based on a private patron.....

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