Tell why you "dumped the pump" and win fabulous prizes

I gave up my car in May after it was totaled in an accident. I’m fortunate to live less than two blocks from a Red Line station, and I work right near a station downtown. So commuting was always easy, but I’ve decided to do all my grocery and other shopping via the CTA.

It’s not quite as convenient certainly. Getting to doctor appointments is little harder, but not impossible. And I’m saving at least $1,000 on insurance, gas and maintenance. I didn’t have a car payments.

So that’s why I “dumped the pump.”

How about you?

The American Public Transportation Association wants to hear why, and if you tell them in a video, you could win a year’s worh of public transportation and an iPod Touch. That’s more than $1,000 worth of transit at $86 per monthly pass.

And the first 25 individuals who submit a video entry to the contest will receive a $25 VISA cash card.

Contest details, including instructions about how to submit videos through the channel, are available here.

Full contest rules and guidelines are available here.

And I will happily post any videos here submitted by a CTA Tattler reader.


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  • Kevin,

    Is there more to the interview you had with Rodriguez? It's been awhile since we heard anything from that. After the fiasco with rental cars/spending time with his kids, I don't remember anything else.

  • Hey Chris. Thanks for asking. I actually do have a little bit more to write about from the interview. So stay tuned.

  • I got rid of my car when I only used it once a month and just kept racking up tickets during street cleanings. It will be 4 years this fall.

    Kevin, I recommend getting a bike and possibly a ZipCar membership for the times when CTA is not real convenient. The savings you have on your car should easily allow you to do this.

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