Similar work this weekend as last weekend

Just look at last Friday’s report on weekend work and you’ll get the lowdown on this weekend’s work. It’s pretty much the same.

  • Blue Line closed between Washington and Western. Check.
  • The east platform at Fullerton and Belmont will be closed as work continues at those stations. Check. Northbound Brown Line trains also won’t stop at Diversey and Wellington as workers finish off some station work.
  • No northbound trains stopping at Morse and Jarvis stations closed from 6 am till 2:30 pm Saturday for track maintenance. Check.

The only difference this weekend is that the CTA really will do that work at Morse and Jarvis. Last weekend the work was canceled when the CTA learned about the Glenwood Arts Festival happening at the same time.

Check here for a full list of work and bus reroutes due to festivals and the Chicago Triathlon. My favorite weekend event is “Ferraris in the Loop,” affecting the #14 Jeffery Express.

Enjoy the weekend, regardless of the crummy weather.

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