News catch-up: Legionnaire's disease scare; CTA steps up work at Belmont, Fullerton this week

The CTA has closed down a bus washer shop at the Archer bus garage and Midway L terminal as a precaution when a CTA employee at the shop contracted Legionnaire’s Disease, the Sun-Times reports.

The employee was an electrician, and the “CTA has stopped using equipment he had worked on, as a ‘precautionary measure’
while it studies the situation, said CTA spokeswoman Noelle Gaffney.there is no indication the CTA is the source, Gaffney said. The CTA has no other
reports of employee illnesses where the electrician worked.”

Bizarre, scary stuff.

Fast-tracking Belmont-Fullerton work.
Now that the final Brown Line station is open at Wellington, it seems like the CTA can dedicate more resources to finishing Belmont and Fullerton stations. The southbound platforms at both stations were closed this past weekend.

And this week, the northbound platforms at Belmont and Fullerton will close from 9 pm till 4 am so workers can finish off the escalators and elevators. Northbound Brown Line trains also will bypass Diversey and Wellington during those times.

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