New Belmont station main entrance opens Saturday

Yes folks, the years-long Brown Line rehab really is nearing an end.

The rehabbed Belmont main station entrance is scheduled to open this Saturday. The new entrance is 60 feet west of the temporary entrance. We’ll check it out and let you know later how it looks.

The old Belmont station house was moved across the street and eventuall will be used as a supplemental exit on the north side of Belmont.


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  • Elevators will probably be one of the last things finished.

  • this is too exciting. i live a block away and have been waiting in anticipation for the past three years for the construction to be completed. and i still get excited every time a new piece is finished. thanks for sharing! belmont was the first station to see construction as part of the brown line rehab and it will be the last one done. can't believe it's almost over.

  • It looks really nice, but smells very painty/solventy, from a pass-by on the sidewalk tonight.

  • I know there is a lot more then just the main entrance, but I was hoping from that the Fullerton stop would see stuff like this first :(

    Still nice to see they're making progress before the '09 deadline

  • I look forward to being mugged in front of a brand new station!,w-man-robbed-lake-view-belmont-082809.article

  • Once it's open, Tambreet, it will likely be safer for everyone on that block as a 24-hour station.

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