CTA construction update: Brown Line, subway escalators, Dearborn tie replacement

A detailed update on various CTA construction projects was presented to
board members at the meeting Aug. 12. I read the reports so you don’t have to. Such a deal! Here are the highlights.

Brown Line Capacity Expansion Project. With
the recent opening of the Wellington station, all planned station
rehabs have been completed. Workers now are concentrating on finishing
work at the Belmont and Fullerton stations. Total budget is $530 million.

  • Belmont:
    Installation of elevators and escalators, electrical work in support
    rooms, wall panel systems continues. Painting of station house steel
    and work in the historic station house is ongoing. Installation of
    canopy extensions has begun.
  • Fullerton:
    Installation of the southbound elevator, escalators, electrical work in
    support rooms, station lighting, concession roof, and wall panel system
    continues. Work on the historic station house lighting and electrical,
    and stair system work is ongoing. Installation of station house
    flooring, painting of structural steel and canopy extensions has begun.

Both stations are scheduled for completion in December.

CTA construction.jpg

Subway escalators. Total budget is almost $23 million to replace nine escalators, reopen one exit and relocate one escalator facility on Red and Blue Lines subway.

  • Completed: Jackson/Van Buren Red (street to mezzanine escalator); Monroe/Adams Red (platform to mezzanine escalator); Adams/Jackson Red (street to mezzanine escalator); Randolph/Washington Blue (platform to mezzanine escalator).
  • Under construction: Monroe/Adams Red (street to mezzanine escalator); Adams/Jackson Red (street to mezzanine escalator); Harrison Red (platform to mezzanine escalator).
  • Remaining to be done: Madison/Monroe Blue (platform to mezzanine); Monroe/Adams Red (street to mezzanine).

Dearborn subway tie replacement project. Budget is almost $88 million. Work includes replacement of all wooden half-ties and ballasted track with direct fixation track systems, replacement of portions of running rail and all contact rail and contact rail chairs, special track work in LaSalle Crossover, negative return and signal work, concrete repair in deteriorated sections of tunnel and foot walk, and grouting and sewer cleaning. Scheduled to be completed in March 2010.

Systemwide communications upgrade. A $44.5 million project o improve systemwide communication capabilities, reduce operating costs and support future technology enhancements that can improve safety, security and efficiency. Scheduled completion date is Dec. 31.

And there’s more! Read about the Howard and Loop El signal work, an security camera initiative.


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  • "Phase 2: Security cameras at 12 Red Line stations (complete by 5/31/10) and face capture cameras at all stations (complete by 5/31/10)."

    This is an interesting line item...

  • In reply to chris:

    Face capture cameras... SWEET! Finally the guy who pisses in the elevators will be able to be identified on camera once and then caught/arrested everytime he tries to enter a CTA station with these cameras... an automatic alarm can go off. Some will dislike the big-brotherishness of it, but it will go a long way towards removing criminals and the homeless who use it as a bathroom from the system.

  • In reply to chris:

    I just wish I could be on the platform to get a close look at that big yellow machine.

    My kids are probably too mature to get a huge thrill out of it ... but I'm not.

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