What's more annoying? The celling teen or the screaming senior?

We first played this game last week. Now it may become a regular
Tattler feature.

So, what’s more annoying? The teenage girl talking loudly into her
cell phone on a semi-empty Purple Line?

Or the guy in his mid-60s two seats away who keeps yelling, “Could you
talk any louder?” And I mean he repeated it three or four times in
five minutes.

My vote is with the old guy as the most annoying.


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  • I'd call it a draw. Equally annoying.

    I witnessed an interesting intergenerational squabble on a Red Line train one evening. An older guy (60s) was eating something and dropping the wrappers on the floor. A 20-year-old woman who appeared somewhat artsy and maybe environmentalist-y said, "Sir, I wish you wouldn't drop those on the floor." He called her a left-wing bitch or something lovely like that, and she patiently explained that she didn't want to see him get fined for littering, and she volunteered to clear up the litter for him. He called her something else but moved aside to let her pick up his trash, and she did, and it all ended with a clean floor and interesting thoughts about the interaction that had just happened.

    Seems like it does help if one ignores the nastiness of some reactions and chalks them up to "how that person operates," and then you just stay on message about what's wrong with what they're doing.

    But mostly I follow my personal rule of "You can't say anything about anything." Last time I did, to ask a guy going through the emergency door, "What's the emergency?" I was immediately called a "Republican," which stung for a week. Ouch. Actually, some of us Democrats are law-and-order types, too.

  • Teenage girl on cell phone.

    The old man wouldn't be doing that if it weren't for the girl. She stops and both problems are gone...

  • Oh, I see what the old guy did there: he was being rhetorical. She was actually talking very loudly already.

    What did the girl do? What kind of person just sits there while an AARP-case attempts to berate them in public? Kids today!

  • In reply to joemccusty:

    Joey: The kid (to her credit) ignored the old guy.

  • In reply to joemccusty:

    How about what I had today for a "What's more annoying?"

    The baby screeching at the top of it's lungs with the mother who doesn't care at all?


    The mother of that baby who is further provoking the screeching by barking at the baby?

  • In reply to joemccusty:

    I believe both are just old fashioned birth control.

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