The annual cute CTA pet photo; Huberman interview

cute puppy.jpg

Well, maybe it’s not an annual event, but my friend Eric passed along this cute puppy photo, so I’m sharing it with you.

Eric said:

A fellow was standing with his apparent girlfriend by the partition
near the door.  The fellow’s shoulder bag was hanging between the two.
 And from the bag popped a fluffy, happy, cute little head.  Awwwww.

Sorry the cell phone photo is so blurry.  But the puppy (and the guy) just would not hold still.

OK Eric. Thanks for the Friday diversion.

Huberman interview. For those of you interested in what former CTA prez Ron Huberman is doing these days at the Chicago Public Schools, this interview is for you.

Besides, CTA Tattler is quoted!


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  • With regard to the Huberman interview, while it does mention both sides, it still seems to be a puff piece. There was, for instance, the statement that he would have a Powerpoint with metrics about his failures, and then later it mentioned how the 2009 budget went up in flames. However, Ron walked away from that. No mention is made about the NABI fiasco, although it took Rodriguez to announce that after one cracked in Feb. 2009, Huberman was in talks with the FTA since Sept. 2008 to get rid of them.

    Also, I see that now Huberman is taking credit for the CTA Pension/Real Estate Transfer Tax deal that has gone south with the real estate market, even though Carole Brown claimed that it was her baby, because she was the investment banker. Now that she doesn't blog, what does she do at the CTA?

    The two real questions are:
    1. Huberman may be the best manager, but after 20 years of Daley, does all the shifting of the whiz kids really work? Have Huberman, Rodriguez, and many of the others finally hit their ceilings? How many times can you shuffle the deck? And if Huberman is needed to put out all those fires, who set them? I don't see anyone pointing a finger at Arne Duncan.

    Which brings us to....

    2. Unlike the CTA, Daley has had legal responsibility for CPS for 15 years. Vallas was supposedly brought in to take care of all the bad business practices. Now, Huberman is going to straighten everything out by again bringing performance management? And why, after 15 years, Chicago schools still underperform, are dangerous (at least in the immediate environs), and always crying that unless they had the money of North Shore schools (to be derived from an income tax hike without commensurate property tax relief) they can't do their jobs, no matter how much is spent per pupil? Maybe the reference to the teachers' union contract provides some answers.

    But this isn't an education forum.

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