Tales from the Metra commute

Well, it took them long enough, but someone finally is writing a Metra blog, more or less modeled after CTA Tattler.

Actually, the Tales from the Commute blog is only stories about things that author Bob Burnham sees on his 1.5-hour Metra commute from Bartlett. No news yet. And he doesn’t seem to post very frequently, but the stories there now are well-written.

I’ll sign off on this post with the words of my wife, as we rode back from Ravinia on the Metra:

I like riding the Metra. It’s like being in a big fish tank. And everything’s real clean. There’s no piss puddle in the Hobo Corner.”

(Hat tip to GapersBlock.)


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  • Seems like your wife is more insightful than Burnham. Doesn't look like any insight about policy issues or operations, and the self-focused tales are admitted on the About page to be fiction.

    So, not like the CTA Tattler.

  • Your wife obviously has never ventured into one of the Metra bathrooms. They might as well be Hobo Suites. *shudder*

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