Profile of Belmont station artist; CTA radio hacker arrested

As workers scurry to finish the Red/Brown Line Belmont station before the end of the year, a nearby artist also is working hard to finish a piece that will be installed at the station as part of the city’s public art project.

big wonderful train.jpg

David Lee Csicsko is finishing a 6 foot by 20 foot tile mosaic (shown here), according to a recent  report by Carfree Chicago’s crandall.

Csicsko, who lives and works near the Belmonth station, formerly had a piece installed there from 1999 till 2001. For that reason, and his sheer talent, he was an obvious choice when the artist was selected for this Belmont project.

We can’t wait to see the final project installed.

CTA radio hacker in big troubs. The Tribune noted yesterday that the FBI arrested a 20-year-old Chicago man for hacking into CTA radio channels and impersonating a rail official.

Interestingly, the CTA caught onto him and “implemented precautions limiting the individual to communicating with
the CTA’s operations command center, but not to train operators or
other personnel in the field, authorities said.”

“It became fairly obvious early on that this was not a CTA person
because he was not using the proper terminology,” a CTA official said.

Bizarre. Obviously, this could have resulted in some kind of disaster if he hadn’t been found out. 


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  • He didn't "hack" into anything. He used a stolen radio, that's it. There was no hacking or computer involved at all. The media got the headlines all wrong, and it wasn't just the Tribune. They just wanted to use something scarier than "Some moron gets hold of CTA radio and uses it."

  • In reply to chris:

    I agree with chris's comment. This was not a hacker, just some idiot with a stolen radio. I could see calling him a hacker if he built his own transmitter, but this is no more hacking than using a cell phone to call your mom.

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