CTA to extend canopy roofs at Belmont, Fullerton stations

After many rider complaints, the CTA board today approved a plan to extend the canopy roofs on the Belmont and Fullerton station platforms — to almost three times its current length.

The current canopy at each station is 128 feet long, the length of two-and-a-half train cars. The new lengthened canopy will cover the equivalent of a six-car train, about 320 feet.

Longer canopies were in the original plans, but were cut due to budget constraints. At last September’s Coffee With Ron (former CTA prez Huberman), CTA Tattler asked whether the canopies would be lengthened. Huberman told us then that there was an $8 million contingency fund, and that the CTA hopes to be able to lengthen the canopies using those funds.

Says current CTA President Richard Rodriguez: “We knew we wanted to offer back some amenities that our customers
really needed and wanted. The increased ridership on the Brown Line demonstrates more customers
are using the Line and extending these canopies will help protect them
from the elements and make their commutes more pleasant.”

This project will cost $5.5 million for both stations. On an average weekday, the Belmont station records 12,064 entries and Fullerton 12,717.


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    this is great news. i was disappointed that the CTA was eliminating the glass platform element over Belmont that would have let more light through to the street, but this pretty much makes up for that in my mind.

    i also like that a canopy extending over the street would have a greater presence on the block and stand out more to visitors and passersby.

  • I agree, but is that number right $5.5 million for about 400 feet of canopy? That is just ridiculously expensive.

  • I'm wondering the same thing, Tambreet. If it costs that much just to extend a couple of canopies, it's no wonder the CTA is in such financial trouble.

  • Holy crap, that's some expensive canopy.

    Although they said it is a "change order" so perhaps this is lumped in with some other costs/fees with the contractor.

  • There may be 12,000+ entries into Fullerton & Belmont on a given day but that overlooks the thousands more who use those stations as a transfer point. Just sayin'.

  • I am wondering what sort of canopies are being built at a cost of $5.5 million. Are they going to be gold plated? That's just crazy! These canopy extensions should not cost any more than a few hundred thousand at the most. This project should be re-bid.

  • OK folks. I went back and asked the CTA how canopies could cost $5.5 million. Here's the reply:

    "Cost factors include premium labor due to weekend and weeknight construction schedule. In addition, the logistics of moving and lifting materials to the site are challenging and priced accordingly."

  • I'm glad to hear CTA will rectify the canopy situation. I was at several community mtgs well before the Brown Line Renovation project began when CTA showed us the drawings of the new stations.

    At the time I noticed the short canopies and raised the issue. The response I got was that they had done precipitation studies that indicated that the canopies would not be needed for inclement weather because most inclement weather did not occur during rush hour. Furthermore, that they believed customers wanted more open air for ambiance and to enjoy the sun.

    Of course, I did not believe them for a second. I know first hand that rush hour is not a time to enjoy the sun, especially in winter or during storms. I've seen people huddling under those short canopies during rugh hours rains and snows.

    It's about time they fix this problem. It would have cost less if they had considered the customers from the beginning.

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