CTA promises to fight harder against female sexual harassment

CTA Tattler for years has advocated for women against wankers and flashers and gropers on buses and trains. Finally the CTA has responded.

At this month’s board meeting, the CTA announced new policies on how bus and rail operators should handle incidents of harassment.

According to the Sun-Times report:

“Before, if a customer felt she was being threatened or harassed by
another passenger, the operator may just decide to “keep an eye” on the
situation, or tell the offender to move, or call the Control Center if
they felt the situation needed an immediate response, according to Amy
Kovalan, CTA’s senior vice president of safety, security and risk

“Now, operators are instructed to ask an offending individual to
stop the behavior,” Kovalan said. “If that person does not cease, the
operator immediately will call the Control Center and will be
instructed on how to proceed.” The rule applies to any kind of
harassment — not just sexual”

The CTA also will include harassment as a reportable behavior if “see something, say something.”

Here’s hoping this makes a difference for female passengers.


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  • Well, according to the Sun-Times, the union leader put the kibosh on that, and rightfully so. If it is a police problem, the police should take care of it.

  • The CTA, like any US employer must have zero tolerance for illegal activity such as harassment. If the CTA is tracking the complaints by bus route and time of day, put undercover police and have the offenders arrested. Bottom line is that anything but a very strong show of force and distaste for this behavior says it's okay for it to happen. Don't ask the offender, TELL them. If a person is convicted of trouble on the CTA and if they use a Chicago Card Plus, their account should be marked so the bus operator knows the person has a past and to watch out. A little ahead of self now I guess. It's just a shame that people are so disrespectful to others - it would help improve transit if there was a common understanding that fellow passengers could act like good citizens and not wild animals. Who wants to ride in an unsafe environment esp. if they have options.

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