Chilling CTA video captures Blair Holt's killer

Surveillance video from a CTA bus was aired for the first time in court yesterday at the sentencing hearing of Blair Holt’s murderer, Michael Pace. The video clearly depicts Pace entering the bus and shooting like a maniac. Video taken from the rear of the bus shows Julian High School students scattering at the sound of gunfire.

Pace was sentenced to 100 years in prison for the heinous crime.

Cameras are on every bus. Now we just need cameras on every rail car. New cars to be delivered late this year and next will have  video surveillance cameras.

Video via NBC 5 Chicago.

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  • I'm glad they got the guy. Hopefully he never sees anything outside of a prison cell.

    Does anyone know if the CTA has announced plans on what they are doing with the new money they got recently?

  • 100 years. And for what?...

  • In reply to KenGreen:

    All I heard was gang related, but I never heard anything about the motive. Since he pled guilty, I suppose we never will.

    It seems pretty blatant to just enter a bus, go to the back, and then shoot it up, while on camera.

  • In reply to KenGreen:

    "100 years. And for what?..."

    Uh... really? You're really going to ask that question?

    He killed someone. That's "for what."

  • In reply to KenGreen:

    As a CTA-riding CPS employee working in a school with, according to the kids, 12 gangs or cliques vying for dominance, this video is absolutely chilling. The silent, stop-action quality of the video made it all the more intense. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be on a bus when someone enters the front door and fires a semi-automatic weapon down the length of the bus. Likewise, I cannot imagine the hatred, real or imagined, that might allow someone to fire a semi-automatic weapon into a fully-loaded bus.

  • In reply to KenGreen:

    "100 years? and for what? "

    I went to school with blair and was somebody everyone loved...not juss another low life from a cps. Its People like you who probably raise kids like michael pace...he deserves the death penalty ..if not death behind bars..gangs wipe gangs out ..but nowadays and morethan too often gangs wipe out the innocent ..i think your stupid , crazy, and dumb to say what you said angers me that you do..100 years isn't enough in my book nor ronald holt book..what if it was your kid that got killed by sum low life drug addict teen, not only that your kid who was goin to an Atlanta University..not juss a regular kid in front of the gas station..think hard before u respond ...very ______ hard. R.I.P. Bizzy....Julian messed up alot of lives and people dont see..juss another negro dead too some huh..i guess...i want people to respond by posting they might juss remove this if u really wanna talk about this and those who are smart not like this idiot "KEN GREEN"

  • In reply to KenGreen:

    I don't pretend to speak for Ken Green, but when I read his comment "100 years? and for what?" -- I took it to mean this guy is in jail for 100 years for doing something stupid. I don't think he meant it that 100 years sentence was wrong. That's just me and how I interpreted it.

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