Onboard manicure spiffs up this guy's nails; challenging the annoying rant

Seen on the southbound Red Line at 7:30 am:

A woman in her mid-20s
lovingly gives a full manicure to a guy around 30 years old. She trims
his cuticles as he rests his hand daintily on her purse. She cleans the
nails with polish remover and files away as the guy gives encouragement
and direction.

I’ve seen plenty of makeup application, nail clippings and filings,
but I’ve never seen one person tending to another’s personal grooming needs.

I love the CTA! Something new every day.

And just the day before I saw a guy in his 50s call out another man
in his 60s who was ranting and cursing up a storm.

The guy was generally talking to
himself but annoying the entire train car with his racist remarks on a
crowded train car during the evening rush hour.

As the annoyed guy rose to leave the train, he told the ranting man
to shut up, and challenged him to fight on the platform. The ranter
took the bait and started calling him names, though claiming not to be
a fighter.

appeared to me the annoyed guy was clearly just trying to get him off
the train. He left at Fullerton, and the ranter followed. But the
annoyed guy just calmly crossed the platform and boarded a waiting
Brown Line. The ranter mumbled some more, but reboarded my same car.
Thankfully, he entered through the far door, where he continued to
annoy a whole other set of passengers.

Have you ever called out oafish or annoying behavior, as Martha recently did? What was the result?


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  • I, too, was on the car with the profane old man and his nemesis! I was curious what happened at Fullerton, so thanks for the update!

  • I asked a person to please stop plucking his nose hairs--he looked at me like I was crazy, but he put the tweezers away.

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