Let's play "what's more annoying?"

What’s more annoying? The delay caused by a defective train ahead, or the persistent, every-45-second announcement about the delay?

“Your attention please. We are experiencing a delay, and we regret this inconvenience. We expect to be moving shortly.”

And I mean




And even when we finally do start moving the announcement still persists.

I’ve certainly been critical of the CTA in the past for not providing enough timely information to riders during emergencies. But this was ridiculous. And the operator was telling us what was going on with the defective train.

So enough already!

OK, glad I got that off my chest.


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  • Easy: I'd much rather have the announcements, assuming they are informative and accurate. Makes the wait much easier, in my opinion. Annoying that there's any delay at all, but the worst is when we're simply sitting and the operator cannot be bothered to give us any clue about it.

    I remember a Brown Line ride in which the train started slamming violently to a stop between Chicago/Franklin and Merchandise Mart. Immediately the operator got on the PA system and clearly explained that there was a problem with the collision-prevention system that was erroneously forcing stops on this stretch of track even though there was no other train nearby and we were moving slowly. She said there would be two more of these before Merchandise Mart but then that would be the end of the problem. We all were able to brace ourselves better, the two hard stops happened as predicted, and on we went.

    The routine procedure should be that any unusual occurrence should be explained as soon as possible, and err on the side of too much information. It all helps calm the nerves, and I would imagine it prevents some occasional extreme reactions like people pulling the emergency-door opener or flying into a rage.

  • Scott, I agree with you that it's great to have the *OPERATOR* give informative and accurate announcements. What I'm objecting to here is that same canned announcement being repeated every 45 seconds over and over again.

    The operator did give a clear idea of the problem. What she DIDN'T do is shut off the automated announcement. Or at least put it on "repeat" for a longer interval.

  • I'm thinking announcement equipment malfunction (driver can't hear announcement going off, keeps pushing button to get it to play... they do this with the stop announcement sometimes.)

    What is funny is when they clearly play the announcement in error (zooming down the Dan Ryan median, hear "your operator is off the train momentarily").

  • What's more annoying is when you can't hear what the operator is saying. I was on a red line last week that got stuck at Wilson, and could not make out at all what the operator was saying.

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