Help the CTA celebrate Dump the Pump Day June 18: Proselytize!

If you read this blog, chances are high that you ride the CTA regularly to work and/or for errands. So you don’t have to be told about the benefits of mass transit. But you can help spread the word by convincing a friend or family member to use public transportation instead of a car on Thursday, June 18 — the fourth annual Dump the Pump Day.

The day is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Assn. The CTA plans to participate by welcoming new riders and thanking regular customers. Transit Ambassadors will be on hand from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. to do just that at:

  • 95th/Dan Ryan/Red Line
  • Rosemont/Blue Line
  • Clark/Lake
  • Union Station
  • Route 59/Naperville-Aurora Metra Station

And here are your talking points, handily provided by the CTA media team:

  • Riding CTA reduces energy consumption by 40 percent and carbon emissions by 60 percent compared to driving.
  • One individual using public transportation instead of driving a car saves the environment over 4,800 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.
  • A full eight-car train carries more than 800 people, which is equal to taking more than 600 cars off the road.

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