CTA moves to ease Canal and Monroe bus bottleneck

A month after 14 bus routes underwent service changes due to work on the Jackson Street viaduct, the CTA is making more bus stop changes as a result of customer feedback and its own analysis.

I was getting reports recently about 10-minute back-ups at Canal and Monroe as buses and cars lined up to make the eastbound right turn onto Monroe. And now the CTA is responding to those delays. From the Web site:


The northbound near side stop on Canal at Monroe will no longer be served by the following routes:

  • #38 Ogden/Taylor
  • #129 West Loop/South Loop
  • #60 Blue Island/26th
       (PM service only)
  • #124 Navy Pier
  • #130 Museum Campus
  • #125 Water Tower Express
  • #157 Streeterville
Buses operating along these routes will continue to operate north along Canal making all other stops.
Note: Northbound #151 Sheridan buses will continue to serve the near side stop on Canal at Monroe for the duration of the project.


The eastbound far side stop on Monroe at Canal will now be served by#1 Indiana/Hyde Park, #7 Harrison and #126 Jackson buses.

Note: This location will continue to be served by #14 Jeffery Express, #129 West Loop/South Loop (AM service only), #130 Museum Campus, #132 Goose Island Express and #156 LaSalle buses.

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