Welcome to the new home of CTA Tattler

The Chicago Transit Authority is the second largest transit agency in the nation. In 2008, it served up more half a billion rides to millions of Chicagoans and visitors.

With such great material to work with, CTA Tattler has been chronicling news and all things seen and heard on the CTA since June of 2004. Kevin O’Neil is the Tattler, with lots of help from riders and readers like you. Now I’m joining a bunch of other great bloggers here a ChicagoNow.

To pay the bills, I am a marketing professional, and have worked for many years in the past as a professional journalist. I put those reporting skills to use in preparing and checking my stories. And I rely on you for tips and good conversation.

It’s been a great ride so far. And I welcome all my faithful readers here. Let’s keep it going even better here at ChicagoNow. Email me and/or participate in some good conversations.

Above all, enjoy the ride!


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  • Thanks Kevin for all the hard work keeping the CTA Tattler going. I was totally surprised (more like shocked) with your announcement on the "other side" that CTA Tattler is now here.

    I guess it's just something to adjust to. I'm sure CTA Tattler will be great here, too. Thanks again!

  • We're glad to have you, Kevin. Welcome to ChicagoNow!

  • Kevin, we're so glad to have you blogging on ChicagoNow!

  • The only disappointment is not being able to see the CTA Flickr photo pool here. I always thought that it added visual interest without looking too busy. Of course, I have put a few photos in the pool over the years and it was always fun to see them show up on your blog. I guess that I could subscribe to the pool separately, but it won't be the same.

  • To all: we are working on getting the photo and news feeds here. I ask for your patience. This entire site is still in beta release - a work in progress. Thanks.

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