Some cool bus stops from around the world

I think JCDecaux needs to get a little more creative with bus stops. Like, how about this?

soccer goal bus stop

Soccer goal bus stop in Brazil during the World Cup.

Or maybe you prefer a more leisurely lounge while you wait for the No. 22?

hammock bus stop

The folks at showcase 15 of the world’s most unusual bus stops. Seems like the CTA and JCD can get in on the act too. Maybe a big candy bar at Grand and DesPlaines near the Blommer Chocolate Factory? I’m sure you all have some other fabulous ideas. And here’s one more stop to inspire you.

watermelon bus stop

Watermelon Bus Stop in Ishaya, Japan

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  • I'm happy with the JCDecaux stops put in several years ago; they're worlds better than the crooked, plastic-domed, scratched ones of yore. The new ones are solidly installed, well maintained, and attractive enough. Wish they'd put one in at Broadway and Berwyn by the Jewel.

  • Can we get the RSS feeds for CTA stuff on the right side again, along with the pictures? Until then, this new version of the blog will be inferior.

  • Chris, we're working on trying to get those elements back here. This is still a work in progress, so we appreciate all your patience.

  • I like the bus stops in Minneapolis. Here's a picture:

    You can stay warm in them, and some have piped in classical music.

  • Awesome, thanks Kevin! I'm glad you're finally getting paid for your hard work.

    Hopefully people start posting on here soon.

  • From the looks of the inside of that watermelon stop, I bet it doesn't SMELL like watermelon. Perhaps over near the red line Wilson stop...

  • UCC could lounge in the hammock while waiting 45 minutes for the 22!

  • I like the watermelon. How about enormous baseball bus stops at Clark/Addison and 35th/Shields? Maybe a giant bag of money on the NW corner of Clark and Washington?

  • Hah, these are great! This would make a great contest for the CTA...

  • Granted, baseball-shaped bus shelters near The Cell and Wrigley would be cool, and any sort of theme-stop outside of, say, Kingston Mines or Hydrate might be an adventure, but nearly everything else that seems quintessentially Chicagoy in my mind pertains to our food icons. I mean, I don't know about the rest a yas, but I'd just rather not stand inside a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, an Italian beef or a Chicago-style hotdog. Ew.

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