Repost: Bizarre clothing options in the "tweener" weather season

Note: Today’s Tribune carried a weather story about “May’s iffy weather makes it the month of maybe.” Reporter Gerry Smith referenced this CTA Tattler post from last May. I thought I would repost it since it’s certainly germaine in this weather.

The last few weeks constitute what I call the “tweener” season for weather.
It’s hard to figure out what to wear to work when it’s cool in the morning and
it’s supposed to get warmer.

Guy in funny cap
But many of us folks go too far and it’s just a little strange.

There’s the guy in short sleeves when it’s barely 50 degrees. And you wonder,
what was he thinking? And of course it’s mostly guys, but I’ve seen a few women
with warm dreams.

Yes, there are dreams of summer, but why not WAIT till summer to live the
dream? Or at least get past April and early May.

Then there are the strange ones whom I refer to above. Such as the guy
pictured here. While this is certainly a crappy photo from my cell phone, it
does show the dichotomies wrought by the season. The epitome of the “tweener”
season. This guy is wearing a thin vest and tie with the alpine hat.

I suppose it could be a fashion statement.


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  • My pet peeve, and this has been evident since I was in high school, are the geniuses who wear shorts when it's 30-40 degrees outside. I saw this last night during our 40-something October-like weather. I will be the sexist I am and happily point out that it's always boys (boys! even 40 year old boys) wearing shorts in this weather. Never women/girls. Boys.

  • You gotta read the fine print in the weather forecast this time of year. It can be 72 in the burbs but 58 downtown. And how far from the lake this differential exists depends on Mother Nature's whims on any given day.

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