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The All Star Game Matters or Baseball is Dead

I might be a little late in throwing my opinion in about the subject, but with how I feel about it…. better late than never… I’m starting to get fed up with how some people are acting about the All Star Game. I was listening to “a well known Chicago sports radio station” yesterday and... Read more »

Our Favorite Sports Flashers

Last night it was reported and seen all over the internet that a “classy” Canucks fan flashed her naked breasts to Ben Eager in the penalty box.  Aside from the flashing, the Canucks had a pretty awesome 7-3 victory, with 3 power play goals. Kevin Bieksa also had a Gordie Howe hat trick and Daniel... Read more »

What's Wrong With Major League Baseball This Season??

What's Wrong With Major League Baseball This Season??
Alright, it’s only May so we can’t quite predict who’s going to win MVP or what team is going to win the World Series.  However, there are some WEIRD things going on with MLB. 1.) As discussed on Pardon the Interruption today… there have been over 30 rainouts so far this season.  There were only... Read more »

Ivan Vishnevskiy to Russia... Is Anyone Surprised?

I have finally seen official press release, in english, that Ivan Vishnevskiy has signed with Atlant of Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League (ChicagoSunTimes). To say that this is breaking news would be a joke.  I think everyone had a feeling that the Russian native might not be with the Blackhawks for the 2011-2012 season, let alone... Read more »

Karma Finds Hockey Players 4 Kids Members

When Dustin Sproat first created Hockey Players for Kids, his main mission was to help children and to give back to the community. Little did he know that he and other active members of HP4K would benefit so much from the good karma that surrounds the organization. James Allen once said about the Law of... Read more »

Part 2 of the Magical Baseball Stadium Road Trip

Detroit/Toronto The second part of our baseball road trip was quite interesting and fun.  The first thing I learned was never…. ever… wear White Sox stuff to Comerica Park in Detroit, unless you are a true fan.  You will instantly be harassed and belittled. If you are not man enough to handle it, don’t even... Read more »

7 Stadiums in 11 Days.... Beat That

Part 1. (US Cellular, Busch Stadium, and Great American BallPark). Over the course of the last eleven days, I successfully made my way across the Midwest and parts of Canada to become one with baseball.  I visited seven stadiums (including US Celluar Field, where my journey began) drove thousands of miles and didn’t leave any... Read more »

IceHogs' Jeff Taffe... Beauty of the Year?

Before I get into my pro-Taffe rant here, I would like to recognize the amazing performance by IceHogs’ goaltender, Alec Richards.  Richie was robbed of a shutout with 2 seconds left in the game.  He stopped 34 out of 35 shots and the IceHogs’ ended their 4 game losing streak, beating the Peoria Rivermen 2-1.... Read more »

Sad Day for Hockey in Rockford

As the headline states, today was a sad day for hockey in Rockford.  The first reason is the fact that the IceHogs only put up one goal, scored by Jeff Taffe.  The goal was the first of the game and put the IceHogs ahead 1-0.  However as the game went on the Hogs were unable... Read more »

The Hockey Lingo

The Hockey Lingo
As many of you know I live a busy life as a starving sports journalist and (about to graduate) college student.  From working this season with the Rockford IceHogs, I’ve learned the language of hockey along the way. For those of you who are big fans of the game, I thought you would like to... Read more »