Part 2 of the Magical Baseball Stadium Road Trip


The second part of our baseball road trip was quite interesting and fun.  The first thing I learned was never…. ever… wear White Sox stuff to Comerica Park in Detroit, unless you are a true fan.  You will instantly be harassed and belittled. If you are not man enough to handle it, don’t even try.

I consider myself a full blooded White Sox fan and proudly sported my full White Sox gear in one of the biggest Sox hating cities in the world.  The only time I thought about changing was when Adam Dunn was up to bat.  The insults from the Tiger faithful almost crossed the line when Tigers’ fans beleaguered me for keeping score on my scorecard.  Every time the Tigers hit a dinger they started raining down remarks like “Hey!! You know how to score that one??”   Every time Dunn was in the ondeck circle I just went ahead and marked a K next to his name.
(Our view of Comerica from the bleachers/enemy territory) 
Aside from the harassment, Detroit continued to make an odd impression in my book.  The parking lot attendants ask you to leave your keys in the car so they can move your car.  They said “if necessary” but I pictured them driving my car around Motown like those parking lot attendants in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (even though my car is nothing like that).
Also, my GPS gave me the “Shortest Route” which took us over the Canadian border to get to Comerica Park.  Once we figured out what was going on we had to make all kinds of illegal U turns to get off the Ambassador Bridge, which took us through American customs anyways.
However, the night was still a lot fun and I actually enjoyed the Tiger’s stadium. They had an awesome park and the concourse was of the best we’ve seen.  The concourse had all kinds of statues and historical monuments so we could stop and read about the team’s history.
(Me with giant tiger in front of Comerica Park).
The outside detail and look was beautiful. Who wouldn’t love a giant Tiger to greet you when you step up to the stadium? 
They had solid hotdogs but no awesome Beer Vendors.  We also found other aliens aka other White Sox fans, which made us feel better about supporting our team that was getting rocked.
That night we drove into Canada near Toronto and the next day we took the train into T-dot for the Devil Rays at the Blue Jays. Being a huge baseball fan and seeing several stadiums, it was very odd but exciting to watch a game in a dome.  It took a bit to get used to it.  At first I felt like I was at a Chicago Slaughter game.  However, Jose Bautista’s two homers got me instantly into the game. 
(Awesome mustache on the train that added to the beauty of our trip).
The Sky Dome, now called Rogers Centre, had a lot of nice touches to it.  One being great merchandise for fans to buy and top notch ice cream (comparable to the Cell).
If you are going to the Jays’ game please note that sneaking into better seats when you have $10 tickets is nearly impossible.  It took us three tries to succeed in moving down to the third baseline.  We got kicked out twice and one woman told us that these seats are for people who pay more! I guess the nosebleeds are where the commoners sit.  However, I get they are just doing their job but sneaking into better seats is part of the baseball game experience.
After the game we had a few beers at the Steam Whistle.  Awesome place! They were handing out free beers and the atmosphere was great.  They give you a cheap tour of the brewery if you get there early.  However, it was so packed and popular we couldn’t get into one of the tours.
We ended the great day at the Real Sports Lounge right near The Air Canada Centre. It was fun for me to be there since my old radio show’s name was none other than “The Sports Lounge”.
Also… let’s just say if you know someone who knows someone at the RSL, you feel like you’re Beyonce.  We had an awesome private lounge with our very own cocktail waitress.  Everyone else (the commoners) of the bar were looking up at us to see who was in the celebrity lounge.  I felt pretty cool and the food was amazing!
Part 3 Pittsburgh and Cleveland… coming in hot! 

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