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Life Update 2020: The Good, The Bad, & The Optimistic

2020, amirite?!?! Seems like only yesterday we were going to, you know, PLACES and doing things beyond raiding the closet of toys your mom kept from when you were kids and jumping around in Nickelodeon moon shoes. Just me? Okay, cool. Beyond the pandemic that has killed thousands and upended life for all of us,... Read more »

Favorite Thing I've Ever Written? When I Wrote from the Heart

If you’ve ever read my blog (greetings to all the newbies!), you already know that my writing style is a blend of satire, humor, and sarcasm dipped in a billion pop culture references.  While I do often write about personal experiences, I don’t have too much attachment to old posts of mine.  Except for one.... Read more »

15 Lessons I've Learned Living in Chicago

<strong> Driving on Lake street under the L requires a certain size of cajones </strong>
 I never want to be that close to a train unless it's going 1.21 gigawatts
My time in the city is quickly winding down (seriously, how is it almost freaking February?), and lately I’ve been thinking about how much life has changed over the past year and a half.  I’ve reconnected with old friends, made new ones, grown as an educator, and made some fantastic memories.  I think the most... Read more »

London Calling

Recent Life Timeline Courtney circa 2006 (Flared jeans, almost white-blonde hair, and teaching first grade):  Oh man, I don’t think I could marry a guy in the military because I wouldn’t want to move every two years! ↓ ::Maries an Air Force captain.  Moves to Spain:: ↓ Courtney in 2013 (Skinny jeans and a Secretary):... Read more »

Why I Advocate for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Research

Why I Advocate for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Research
Most of you already know that I’m not one you’d call a “runner”.  I’ll do it every now and then to keep fit, I’ve done a few races, and I’ve even done a marathon (granted, it was in Hawaii…. kiiiiiiind of a big motivator), but I’m not someone who runs because I love it.  I need... Read more »

The Year That I Ruined Christmas

The Year That I Ruined Christmas
1999.  Not only was it the year that the world partied like it, it was also the precious time when I was a year away from driving and rocking some chunky highlights.  According to Thrillist, those bad boys cemented my reputation as being someone from Orland Park.  Y2K = Youth 2 Kewl.  The 1999-2000 school year... Read more »
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