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O, Canada!: Updates from Up North

We’re almost at the one-month mark of being temporary residents of our northern neighbor and so far, so good.  Elliot’s been busy at work with one-to-one meetings with his team, but he’s liking his new role. I’ve been keeping busy (see below), and we’re both discovering all sorts of things about our new home.  It’s high time I posted... Read more »

The Countess of Montenegro

Miss the Croatian leg of our 16-day Balkan road trip?  Click here to catch up! “Oh, you HAVE to go to Montenegro!” isn’t exactly a phrase you hear from your friends who’ve just returned from a European vacay.  If they’ve been at all, it’s usually as a quick stopover on a Mediterranean cruise; no one... Read more »

Islands, Waterfalls, & Game of Thrones: Four days in Croatia

Islands, Waterfalls, & Game of Thrones: Four days in Croatia
A few months ago, before we learned we were moving from London to Toronto, we decided to put together a road trip to visit the Balkans.  With each “Well, we haven’t been to ____ yet…”, two more were generated, to the point where our road trip itinerary included nine countries.  Rather than pare down our... Read more »