The King (& Queen) in the North!: Canada Bound

The King (& Queen) in the North!: Canada Bound

Okay, I know that people have been threatening to move to Canada for years now, and that it’s definitely gained momentum in the wake of a Donald Trump presidency (it feels weird typing that, like a “nose wrinkles as a natural reflex” kind of weird…but I digress), but this time I really mean it: We’re moving to Canada.  And before I get bombarded with ‘snowflake’ comments, no, it’s not because of politics.  And no, it’s not because I want to drive my husband nuts by yelling “The King in the North!” and thrusting a baguette (or whatever I’m eating at the moment) into the air every time I see him.  We’re moving because we want to increase our chances of bumping into Trudeau while he’s kayaking/hiking/walking/doing any physical activity where a shirt is optional.  Kidding.  We’re making the move to the Great White North because Elliot is super good at life.

That sneaky husband o’ mine did it again and kicked ass at work to the point where Mayor McCheese called Grimace in for a meeting and decided that the British Isle was too small for the man’s ambition.  So they decided to send Elliot to conquer the McNuggets of Canada and become The Chicken Legend.  Translation = Elliot was offered the role of Vice-President of Supply Chain of Canada.  The role is based in Toronto, so we’ll be saying “Cheers!” to England and triple deking our way to Canada at the end of September.

It’s an incredible opportunity, and I’m extremely proud of him and so happy that his hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.  I’m of course bummed to be leaving London so soon after getting here, and having to say goodbye to my fantastic coworkers, but I’m excited at the opportunity for us to live in our fourth country (USA, Spain, UK, and Canada).  We’ve also heard great things about Toronto, and we’re especially excited at the hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities we’ll get to do in the near future.  And we’ll be closer to family and friends, which is probably the biggest perk.

Okay, so here are the nitty gritty deets:

  • We’ll do a scouting visit to Toronto in August to check out neighborhoods and get the lay of the land
  • We’ll leave London at the end of September, do a few weeks in Chicago because Elliot has his global meeting, make a visit to Minnesota to see family, and then settle in Toronto mid-October
  • We’re still hanging on to our house, and our renters will extend their lease
  • His work will arrange for me to have a work visa in Canada, and I’ll start looking for a job soon.  Maybe in a museum?  Maybe in another non-profit? We’ll see what’s out there

There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in the near future, but we still have two months left in London, and we are going to make the most of it.  There’s still a lot more history, freak shakes, and royalty to be experienced before we get our poutine on, so London better grab hold of its knickers.  And Toronto? You’ve got two months to get ready, because Brouses are coming

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