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78° North: Arctic Adventures in Svalbard, Norway

78° North: Arctic Adventures in Svalbard, Norway
Elliot and I have seen a lot of Europe, and for the most part our trips are to cities that are pretty well traveled.  For example, my last post, about our travels through Cinque Terre and Florence, garnered a lot of “Love that place!” feedback.  Every now and then, however, we venture off the beaten... Read more »

That's Amore: Falling in Love with Cinque Terre and Florence

What is it about Italy that speaks to so many people?  Talk to almost anyone about Italy, and they get this romantic twinkle in their eyes.  There’s so much of the country to explore, so when flights to Pisa were dirt cheap, we decided to visit nearby Cinque Terre and Florence for the first long weekend... Read more »

I Will Not Be Cowed by Terrorism: Thoughts from an American Expat in London

Saturday afternoon, my husband and I did what we do on most Saturdays: took a bus to one of our favorite London spots, Borough Market. We dodged tourists as we walked through the crowded 1,000 year old market, listened to the shouts of the strawberry and cherry peddlers being drowned out by the never-ending bell cacophony... Read more »