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Human Rights Repping in Geneva and Partying in Paris-All in One Week

Part One: Geneva and the United Nations Guys, I really lucked out with finding work in London.  I’m fortunate to have found a job with a great non-profit that promotes causes about which I’m passionate; I’m also lucky to have really great coworkers who have been so welcoming and supportive.  They’ve included me on some... Read more »

Christmas Songs That Make Me Want to Stuff My Ears with Coal

It’s the holiday season! A time of good will, broken family-treasured ornaments, and Mariah Carey actually being tolerable.  No doubt you’ve been inundated with carols playing everywhere you go, and if you’re like me, you probably have your favorites.  After all, who doesn’t love a good Bing-a-ling ‘White Christmas‘??? But for all the fantastic Christmas songs out there, there are... Read more »

When I say "Buda!", You Say "Pest!"

When I say "Buda!", You Say "Pest!"
Let me start off by saying that I am CRAZY BEHIND in my travel blog posts.  Like two months behind.  Usually, if there’s some down time at work, I’m able to do a little writing.  The thing is, there has been ZERO time at work the past few months.  I’m not complaining, of course, because I’ve... Read more »