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Favorite Thing I've Ever Written? When I Wrote from the Heart

If you’ve ever read my blog (greetings to all the newbies!), you already know that my writing style is a blend of satire, humor, and sarcasm dipped in a billion pop culture references.  While I do often write about personal experiences, I don’t have too much attachment to old posts of mine.  Except for one.... Read more »

A Wee Outlander Trip to Inverness & The Scottish Highlands

So I’ve written before about travelling to Scotland, and I’ve certainly waxed lyrical about the ::ahem:: “great personality” of a certain young Jamie from Outlander, but I had yet to combine the two with a trip to the Highlands.  Until my friend Erin had an idea. Erin and I have been friends since freshman year of... Read more »

Norway? Yes, Way!

Norway? Yes, Way!
There are a million reasons to visit Norway:  stunning fjords, delicious smoked salmon, and people who look like this (x 9,999, 997).  For me though, the most important reason to visit Norway was to see one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in three years.  Melissa and I met when both our husbands were stationed in... Read more »