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Part 1 of The Ultimate WWII History Road Trip: Normandy

Part 1 of The Ultimate WWII History Road Trip: Normandy
Don’t forget to check out the introduction and planning process detailed in my last blog post! Our trip began with a Home Alone style panicked run through St. Pancras train station to make our Chunnel Eurostar train.  We didn’t realize that boarding supposedly closed 30 minutes before departure, and we were initially stuck in a... Read more »

Take a Trip Through History with the Ultimate WWII European Road Trip

Elliot and I are history nerds, and like millions of people around the world, we are especially drawn to WWII history.  I’ve read countless books about the heroics, atrocities, psychology, and politics of the war, and the two of us have seen Band of Brothers and The Pacific more times than we can count.  Maybe... Read more »

London Updates: Camden Market, Columbia Road, and Freak(shake)'ing Out

We learned pretty quickly that summer in London is not quite like summer in Chicago.  Sure, there are still a million fun things to do because the weather is nice…r, but we’re not exactly getting any tan lines on this side of the pond.  With the exception of a few perfect “high 70’s and sunny... Read more »

I'm Still Courtney from the (Eastern) Block: Belarus, Lithuania, & the Border Between

Though you’re probably not fooled by the rocks that I got, the list of Eastern European countries which Elliot and I have visited keeps growing.  A few months ago, we saw that flights to Vilnius, Lithuania were super cheap for the bank holiday at the end of May; we’ve heard from more than one person that Vilnius is... Read more »