London Calling

Recent Life Timeline

Courtney circa 2006 (Flared jeans, almost white-blonde hair, and teaching first grade):  Oh man, I don’t think I could marry a guy in the military because I wouldn’t want to move every two years!
::Maries an Air Force captain.  Moves to Spain::
Courtney in 2013 (Skinny jeans and a Secretary): We’re getting out of the military and settling in DC! Hooray for putting down roots!
::Moves to Chicago::
Courtney in 2015 (Flared jeans have come full circle and high school teacher):  Says, “We’re settling in Chicago!  Hooray!”
::Moving to London::

What’s that saying?  “If you want to give God a laugh, tell Him your plans”?  Well, the Brousi must be causing Padre to have quite the Anderson Cooper giggle-fit up there because our plans have taken a little detour.  Remember that whole blog post last year about how we were going to put down roots in Chicago, had sowed our oats, built a home (let’s see how many other sayings I can come up with for “settle down”), etc?  Guess I jumped the gun on that one, because we are off on yet another excellent adventure: same continent, different country, and we don’t have to learn a new language!  That’ll save me from awkward encounters such as when I told the school cleaning lady that there were “bread asses in the fridge”.  The

So El and I just found out that his work will be transferring him (us) to his company’s European headquarters in London.  His current position gave him the opportunity to work with various world headquarters, and I guess he must have impressed the President of Europe (actual title-I think it’s like Captain America or something) because the guy wants Elliot to be the Head of Supply Chain for the UK and Ireland.  For those of you who don’t know him, Elliot is a pretty awesome dude, and I’m extremely proud of him.

So, what the hell does all this mean?

After a few “what the hell?!?!” comments, info gathering, and discussion, we learned and determined the following details:

  • He’ll be leaving right away (January 2nd) to start, but I don’t need to join him until mid-March.  I couldn’t fathom leaving the kids in January, so we discussed everything and decided that the best thing for them is for me to stay here as long as possible to prepare for the ACT (or SAT as things currently stand).  From what I understood from HR, the spouse visa I’ll be entering the country on requires me to join Elliot within three months of his being issued; so I can’t stay much past mid-March.
  • This is a temporary, two-year, assignment, and we’ll be back in Chicago after our time there is up.  So we’re not selling our house and will be returning to the city in two years.  If you know a family or group of people who are looking to rent a three bedroom, 2 bathroom house in East Village, send them my way.
  • The company will pay for me to have a work visa there, but I’m not sure what my UK career will look like.  Teaching? Working in a museum? Pourin’ pints for the Peaky Blinders? Joining the British team at Beerfest?  The possibilities are endless, y’all!

Now that we’ve been able to process everything, I can say that this news is bittersweet.  On one hand, I’m proud of Elliot and super excited to live in Europe again, particularly London.  I’m also bound and determined to meet Jon Snow.  Indubitably.  On the other, I’m sad to not be able to finish the year with my students.  I genuinely have loved what I’m teaching this year and have made some incredible friends at work.  It’s not an ideal situation to leave before the year is finished, but I’ve definitely learned that life doesn’t exactly go by a rule book.  I am also REALLY sad to leave my incredible family members and great friends that we’ve made in Chicago, but it’s a small world (after all) and I’m comforted to know that we’ll be back.  Plus, I still have 3 whole months living here; plenty of time for laughs, memories, and excellent adventures.

So bring on the pints, the Tudor history, and the cockney accents, London; the Brousi are a’comin!

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