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Here's Why You Should be Watching Ink Master

<strong> The Judges </strong>
Contestants and guest judges come and go, but the Three Kings of Orient (and old-school American) Art are the threads of awesome that keep the series together.  Not only are they experts in their field (seriously, Chris Nunez picks out flaws that Galileo's telescope would miss), they're entertaining as hell.  They have great chemistry as judges, and their banter doesn't seem forced like other reality competitions.  They also seem like the coolest dudes on the planet, and I kinda want to be bros with them.
My friend texted me yesterday with the news that the new season of Ink Master will be premiering June 23rd.  I greeted this news with a loud “YASS!” and one sick air guitar riff.  Ink Master is pretty much the only reality show, and one of the two reality competition shows (Sashay away, RuPaul’s Drag... Read more »

Charming Cedarburg, WI is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Charming Cedarburg, WI is the Perfect Weekend Getaway
I love Chicago in the summer:  we no longer need to look like Wildlings, there are festivals galore, and it’s prime time to check off bucket list items.  Despite all the goings-on nearby, it’s sometimes nice to venture to a neighboring state for a little R&R.  Thanks to a Living Social gift from my parents,... Read more »