The 15 Best Songs Made Famous by Movies

I was driving my car the other day, and “Scotty Doesn’t Know” from Eurotrip came blasting on my speakers.  Almost immediately, images of a tongue-pierced Matt Damon popped into my mind, and I burst out laughing to while simultaneously singing along.  I had the song saved under my Soundtracks genre on iTunes, so when I got home I checked to see what other tunes were there.  I had the usual Disney songs and songs from musicals like Grease, but I also had quite a number of jams that didn’t quite fit into either of those categories.  Those songs’ commercial successes came from being in regular movies and are probably engrained in most of our collective memories as a result.  A few were obvious cultural gems (Ninja Rap 4 Eva), but I polled some blog followers to make up the remainder of the list.  As always, my list is occasionally tongue in cheek.  See if you have any to add:

I know this isn’t a comprehensive list, but I think it’s a good start.  What do you think?  Any glaring snubs?


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