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Chicago-Style "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

Chicago-Style "Sexy" Halloween Costumes
Friday’s Halloween, and you’re probably in a mad scramble to find that perfect “sexy but clever” costume.  One that says to the 45 degree forecast, “Weather, be damned.  I WILL wear fishnet “tights” that are probably made out of dental floss, no coat and four-inch stilettos that look like they belong in the Polekatz dressing room.”  While... Read more »

TenISee Roadtrippin': Nashville or Bust

TenISee Roadtrippin':  Nashville or Bust
I was a huge fan of country music back in the 90’s.  I’m talking member of the Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Alison Kraus fan clubs type of huge fan.  I had a cousin who looked like a Dixie Chick and parents who indulged our love of 90’s now-extinct country artists.  We went to Garth Brooks... Read more »