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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Back to Chi I Go: The Return of the Prodigal Daughter

Okay, so it’s more like “back to the Chicagoland area I go”, but that doesn’t sound nearly as catchy in a blog post.  Or in a Disney song.  But it’s hard to put this feeling into words. After an epic (I know that word’s overused and I’m 29 and not a teenager, but there’s no better... Read more »

S**t Kids Say: Top 15 Kid Quotations From Inside the Classroom

I’ve seen a helluva lot of things as a DC public charter school teacher for the past eight years.  I have amazing memories of kids who worked hard, made me laugh, and were the biggest reason why I love my job.  I also unfortunately have memories of dealing with bureaucracy, the effects of poverty and... Read more »

Rainbow Warrior: Court's First Pride Parade

So it’s 8:00pm on a Sunday and my ass just woke up.  “Wake up” may be a bit sympathetic to my current situation.  In reality,  not only did I just wake up, but I’m covered in glitter and beads.  From this description, I should be dead or in jail.  Yet here I stand (okay, I’m... Read more »