HAUNT REVIEW 2021: Twisted Crypt Haunted House

HAUNT REVIEW 2021: Twisted Crypt Haunted House

Another weekend of haunted housing is complete and Team Gregula (aka Da Count and ME) had all the fun! This time we decided to make a road trip to a haunt that we have never had the opportunity to visit before – Twisted Crypt Haunted House in Rockford, IL.

Now Twisted Crypt Haunted House is kind of a hike from the Chicago area, approximately a 2 and a half hour drive via the I-90 Tollway. The location is in a shopping center, however there weren’t signs directly on the main road to tell us exactly where to go so GPS was our friend that evening. Parking was free and plentiful which is always super cool.

Once inside the parking lot, we saw signs and flashing lights and a giant white sign above the door with “TWISTED CRYPT HAUNTED HOUSE” in spooky black bloody lettering. It didn’t appear to be too busy as there was no waiting outside the entrance. However, once we got into the building there was a whole crowd of people ready for a fun night of fright in a dark and spooky waiting area with very detailed scenery and a big old dead tree in the center. Scary old films playing on a wall and lightning effects completed the picture…it was like a haunt before the haunt!

There were a few actors dressed as various clowns and monsters wandering around the the lines of people waiting to go in, but the best was at the entrance where a girl dressed as a demonic voodoo priestess was guarding the door and she kept us entertained by interacting with a childlike alligator faced creature by yelling at him like he was a naughty boy. Upon entry we were greeted by a mad scientist who explained the rules of the haunt and informed us that as we go through, the denizens of the house will be sizing us up to see which member of our party will become one of the “family” that apparently is lurking within.

As we went through the twisted maze, we encountered a housewife with a disgusting kitchen, crazy clowns in a cage maze, and angry sisters in a laundry room who are arguing about soup. We ended up meeting several hillbillies who informed us that we would meet up with “Big Papa” soon and one of us will end up as a part of the family. We also had a debate with them about whether Boo-Berry or Count Chocula was the best cereal. Lots of fun effects included inflatable walls that we affectionately call “Satan’s Anus” and a twisted turning tunnel that led us into the final area where we would meet Big Papa….

Twisted Crypt Haunted House was a lot of old-school spooky fun including a lot of frightening effects without the the need to use fancy animatronics. The best part about this haunted house was lots of hilarious interaction between the actors and the patrons, which is actually a lot of fun while being scared at the same time. It was well worth the trip from Chicago and we cannot wait to see it again next year!


Twisted Crypt Haunted House is located at 5420 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108

Open September 17 – October 31, 2021.

Tickets are:
$13: General Admission
$18: Fast Pass

Click HERE for more information.

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