HAUNT REVIEW 2021: 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago

HAUNT REVIEW 2021: 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago

Hell-o again vamps and vampettes! Spooky time is once again at our literal necks and it looks like this Halloween season will be even better than last year’s poopy pandemic version. Team Gregula has been more than ready for the annual parade of haunted houses to visit, so naturally we would hit up one of the biggest in the area – 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago!

Returning once again for its 8th season, 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is bringing the scares in its usual BIG way – but this time in an all-new 40,000 square foot location on River Road in Schiller Park, just a few short blocks from the entertainment district in Rosemont, IL. The location is super easy to find, with a giant LED sign advertising the haunt directly on the main street. There are also plenty of staff members outside to give directions. However parking can be difficult unless you want to pay $20 to self park in their lot. We managed to find a disabled spot in a nearby lot, but our cousins Zom B. and Scary Girl had to travel a bit to find a free space.

A major difference between here and the former Melrose Park site is that there is no indoor waiting area, everything is outside the building. Luckily for us the weather was nice that evening. Lines weren’t terribly long as it was still early in the season (first weekend of October) but there was still a decent amount of people ready to get their scare on.  Creepy ghouls and morbid monsters were prowling everywhere to keep everyone entertained while they waited.

With the debut of a new haunt location, (un)naturally 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago would be offering two all-new themed areas for the season.  The first section is Bad Blood, an urban themed descent into horror involving the age-old war between vampires and werewolves (of course we are Team Vampire all the way). We traveled our way through a casino, hospital ward, a creepy CTA station and the most disgusting bathroom we ever had the displeasure to visit.

The second themed area called Spirit of Halloween definitely sent some shivers down our spines. A ghostly trail winding thru a cemetery and a spooky damaged church presided over by an evil nun led into jungles and a fun swamp scene so realistic I almost felt wet! Watch out for the Venus Flytraps!!!

Acting was spot on and the cast was really good at the art of surprise. The animatronics and Hollywood quality scenery, enhanced by the sound and lighting made 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago a treat for the eyes and ears! Definitely a must see for 2021.


13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is located at 5050 River Rd, Schiller Park, IL 60176

Open September 10 – November 13, 2021.

Tickets are:
$19.99-$32.99: General Admission
+$10: Fast Pass
+$20: Skip the Line

Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.

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