HAUNT REVIEW 2020: Evil Intentions Haunted House

HAUNT REVIEW 2020: Evil Intentions Haunted House

2020 will be forever known as the year that got canceled, but do you know what will never be canceled? HALLOWEEN! A big part of Halloween for Team Gregula is visiting our favorite haunted houses, but with the COVID-19 pandemic going on a lot of the usual fright factories are taking the year off. But never FEAR (well there will be some fear haha) there are still quite a few that are open for terror treats….but with safety in mind!


Our first spookily social-distanced stop on the “Count Gregula’s Crypt Pandemic 2020 Haunt Tour” is none other than a fang-mily favorite that our Team makes sure NEVER to miss and one of the best and scariest haunts in the Chicago area, Evil Intentions Haunted House. Forty two miles NW of Chicago, Evil Intentions is located in a building that once housed the Elgin Casket Company. The history behind this particular location is quite eerie – along with being the site of an abandoned casket factory, there is history of murder, cult activity, and paranormal occurrences that have taken place over the years which gives it a really dark vibe…



This year is a bit different than the past because of COVID. All tickets are purchased in timed blocks, for example 8:00-9:00/10:00-11:00, to spread out the crowds and practice the required social distancing. Each time had its own line and there were markers along the sidewalk to remind all groups to stay six feet apart. The lines stretched around the building but everyone was in a great mood, and there was plenty of wait entertainment with spooky actors running around the street. Heavy metal music blaring from a customized Evil Intentions bus and scary pictures projected on a nearby brick wall set the mood brilliantly.



Before entry to the building we all had our temperature taken and groups were let in one at a time instead of the line bottlenecking inside. The waiting room was a tiny bit tight but there were markers on the floor to separate groups. There were coffins scattered throughout with cages so the monsters can pop up and scare you without getting too close for comfort. Hand sanitizer pumps were available when you get to the entrance, which was a very nice touch.



Evil Intentions made a lot of changes this year to comply with COVID regulations, we noticed the lack of hanging props and curtains, which my germaphobic ass did not mind at all! There was also better lighting and a bit more room to navigate which is good for us claustrophobic folks. Just a warning, there are several sets of stairs that need to be climbed to access the haunt so keep that in mind if that presents difficulty. We were glad to see some of our favorite scenes were still intact like the church, swamp, farmhouse and the famous coffin maze. The highlight was the medical office where we had a visit with “Dr. Baby” who liked to flirt with the ladies with his lil baby doll haha!


The actors were good with social distancing, not getting right up in your face like in past years which is less terrifying but safety always comes first. Hyper realistic mannequins and clever lighting made up for it though, making Evil Intentions Haunted House lots of ghoulish fun! Team Gregula had a fang-tastic time and we can’t wait to see what owner Mike Fitzpatrick and the gang have in store for us next year.



(Photos by Grim Marco)

Evil Intentions Haunted House is located at 900 Grace St, Elgin, IL 60120

Open now through Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sunday – Thursday 7:30PM – 10:00PM
Friday – Saturday 7:00PM – 12:00AM

Tickets are:
$35 – General Admission to Evil Intentions

Click HERE for tickets and more information.

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