Holiday Haunt Review 2019 - Krampus A Haunted Christmas Chapter 3: Holiday Spirits at 13th Floor

Holiday Haunt Review 2019 - Krampus A Haunted Christmas Chapter 3: Holiday Spirits at 13th Floor

It’s that time of year again with sleigh bells ringing, carolers singing and Jack Frost biting your butt! OK just kidding on that last one but Team Gregula really needed a dose of Ho-Ho-Horror this past weekend and we definitely found it at 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago in Melrose Park, IL.


The third chapter of 13th Floor’s annual Fear-mas haunt is titled KRAMPUS: A Haunted Christmas – Holiday Spirits and boy it was a sight to see. As soon as we entered the main entrance  the atmosphere was both creepy and festive at the same time. Millions of colored lights were hung everywhere, with eerie Christmas music playing in the background. They even had snow falling, giving it an Edward Scissorhands type atmosphere. There were some slight changes to the waiting area since Halloween season. The main room was a spooky holiday trail where everybody no matter what level of admission could walk about for photo ops, leading to separate area where the lines were divided.


The wait entertainment was fun and in your face, the Krampus even greeted us as soon as we got out of the car when we were dropped off! There were plenty more frightening and fun characters roaming both inside and out giving frozen frights to everyone whether naughty or nice – they don’t discriminate. Jason Voorhees made a special appearance because it just happened to be Friday the 13th that night. As we waited in line we were also visited by Behll the Christmas Ghoul who “blessed” people by putting her mark on their foreheads.




Going through the haunted house itself was not just a case of “oh well let’s put Santa hats and Christmas lights on our actors and normal scenery”…NOPE. There were some unique props and characters specially made up for the season. Each room had its own festive decor from winter wonderland to trashy redneck Xmas and there was even a Hanukkah themed medical room which was awesome. The actors really did their homework with their jump scares and timing, even making me scream a couple times haha!


Team Gregula had a frighteningly ghoul time at 13th Floor Haunted House’s KRAMPUS: A Haunted Christmas – Holiday Spirits, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Valentine’s Day!



KRAMPUS: A Haunted Christmas – Jack Frost at 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is located at 1940 George St in Melrose Park, IL.

The Christmas event is over, but you can clickHERE for information about 13th Floor’s LOVE BITES Valentine’s Day haunted house.

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