Haunt Review 2019: Massacre Haunted House

Haunt Review 2019: Massacre Haunted House

The Halloween season may be over but Team Gregula has one more fang-tastic haunt review up their sleeve! After a two-year hiatus (because of transportation and time issues) we were hex-cited to finally make our way back to one of Illinois’ biggest and baddest haunted attractions – Massacre Haunted House , located in Montgomery, IL.


Now we could tell that it’s been awhile since we last visited because the brightly lit sign in front had the “MIND TRAP ESCAPE ROOMS” logo (they added a new escape room experience separate from the haunt) instead of the Massacre Haunted House logo which was moved to the side of the building. It did make the location easy to find, so it was all good. Just to let everyone know, the front is actually the exit and you need to go around the back to the warehouse entrance to actually enter and purchase tickets.  A nice surprise was a paved path to the back entrance from the parking lot, which was much better than having to slog through the uneven grassy area on wet October nights.


The scares begin as you walk to the entry to the ticketing booth and indoor waiting area with zombies and clowns lying in wait to scare unsuspecting victims. After we got our tickets we entered the cavernous waiting area which had a dance club atmosphere including a monstrous “DJ” who would rise periodically with the beat of the music. This made the wait a lot of fun, but I was still grateful that we had gotten Fast Passes as it cut down the wait exponentially. There is also a photo opportunity with a giant Pennywise (from the recent film “IT”) holding a bloody Georgie (which makes a great Xmas card!) before entering the room where a “civilian” tells everyone the rules of the haunt.


The house itself is even bigger and better than we remembered! There were a lot of really fun and detailed scenes which took us through an industrial urban area filled with ghouls. There was a house full of rednecks who forgotten to clean house, a room full of creepy baby dolls and a huge prison cage maze where creatures of the night come at you from all angles! The church scene was a hoot with vampires and zombie nuns waiting to save you…or not! The absolute highlight was the jungle scene complete with giant creature animatronics leading us into a swamp with an oddly gushy feeling floor which made us feel like we were going to drown. Just when we thought we were done, there was a second part called Freak Show 3D which featured glow-in-the-dark circus scenes haunted by creepy clowns and frightening freaks. It was a lot of fun, but I’m not personally a fan of the paper glasses as they tend to fall apart after multiple uses.


The actors did a fang-tastic job of getting up in our faces and scaring us. The crew was brilliant at keeping groups from running into each other, which is actually an incredible feat on a busy night the weekend before Halloween. Team Gregula was also excited to see a few familiar faces that night.



Massacre Haunted House was so much frightening fun, we hope to come back and check out the upcoming Christmas Nightmare holiday haunt taking place December 13-14 and 20-21!



(photos by Grim Marco)

 Massacre Haunted House is located at 299 Montgomery Rd, Montgomery, IL 60538

 Click HERE or call 708-320-FEAR for more information and to purchase tickets.

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