Haunt Review 2019: Evil Intentions Haunted House

Haunt Review 2019: Evil Intentions Haunted House

The Halloween season may be winding down, but Team Gregula is still as busy as ever touring haunted attractions and having ghoul times. Evil Intentions Haunted House is one of the best and scariest haunts in the Chicago area, and one that we have made sure not to miss nearly every year since it’s inception over ten years ago!

Evil Intentions Haunted House is located 42 miles NW of Chicago in an industrial section of Elgin, IL in what was once the Elgin Casket Company. What makes this haunted house so unique is that not only is it the site of an abandoned casket factory, there is history of murder, cult activity, and paranormal occurrences that have taken place there. Last year was supposed to be the final year in the old building, but the location that was acquired elsewhere fell through. However, even though Evil Intentions lost access to the original area in the factory, they were offered a different section in the same building, which turned out to have much more room to plan their new show.

The show starts literally as you get out if your car as creepy clowns and zombies lurk about the parking lot and the street itself in front of the building. The line was long but not too much of a wait. However there was plenty of line entertainment with super scary actors to keep you from getting bored haha. Heavy metal music blaring from a customized Evil Intentions bus (Rob Zombie yay!) and scary pictures projected on a nearby brick wall were an awesome way to set the mood.

With the new portion of the building, we got an all new waiting area with plenty of places for monsters to hide and pop up behind you unexpectedly while you’re in line. There were coffins and a nasty looking toilet which was so realistic it made me uncomfortable to stand near it. Good thing Dookie Dan had the night off!

The frightening trek through the haunt now begins with a ride in an actual freight elevator! We were then led around the building and suddenly we were thrown into a world of our worst nightmares…

The all new edition of Evil Intentions Haunted House brings back many of the old scenes that we remember from years past, but with a new refreshing (if you can say that in a haunted house haha) take on every scene, with a bit more room to navigate which is good for us claustrophobic folks. The church, swamp, farmhouse and the famous coffin maze were still there. New scenes were added like including a frightening Catholic school, lunchroom, a white room to shock your senses and a cage maze with crazies climbing from all around with no escape!

There weren’t too many fancy animatronics because this is more of an old school haunt which is dependent on the cast of actors. However, I think that’s even better because it allows for more creativity and a different experience for each group of patrons coming in.  The actors did an excellent job of getting in our faces and there were a LOT of them too!

The best part was at the end where we had to walk down a creepy set of Brady Bunch stairs into a room that looks as if it hadn’t been touched since the 70s…and it was actually part of the building, not a set! Team Gregula had a fang-tastic time and we can’t wait to see what owner Mike Fitzpatrick and the gang have in store for us next year.


(Photos by Grim Marco)

Evil Intentions Haunted House is located at 900 Grace St, Elgin, IL 60120

Open now through Saturday, November 2nd

7:30PM – 10:00PM

Tickets are:
$30 – General Admission to Evil Intentions
$40 – VIP Fast Pass

Click HERE for tickets and more information.

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