Haunt Review 2019: Disturbia Haunted House

Haunt Review 2019: Disturbia Haunted House

Halloween will soon be over but the haunts are still flowing! For Team Gregula’s last haunted house of the year, we were able to go to Disturbia in Downers Grove. You might remember it when it was in Rosemont in the entertainment district. They took a few years hiatus but now they are back in full haunted swing!

Disturbia started out a bit slow, nice lots of empty hallways transitioned you from scene to scene which had me worried it was gonna be lame. Luckily though it picked up soon after that and we were treated to shifting floors, tight spaces, dark corners, and even a slanted floor that made you feel like you needed a V8! (Anyone else remember those commercials?) One of my favorite features was a giant hand that shot out of s corner to stop you from moving. At one point the walls and scenery started moving violently and I managed to get wacked in their head by a prop hanging from the ceiling! Ouch!

I loved the characters in Disturbia as well! My favorite was a full grown baby who really wanted us to play with him and his hanging dolls. He was very excited when his mom said we could sleep over, too bad his mother was a actually a morbidly obese corpse! I thought the host at the beginning of the haunt went a little heavy on the religious “forgot your gods! I am the only one now!” thing. It sounded less like he was trying to control us and more like he was saying my religious beliefs were wrong. Keep religion out of stuff! Otherwise he was very intimidating :).

Overall though Disturbia did a great job considering they opened up pretty late in the year due to contract issues. It had great scenes, lots of scary stuff and creatures, very detailed characters and moving scenery! Just watch where you stand. I give it 4 ankhs.


Don’t worry you still have one weekend to see it! You can see it Nov. 1-3 for only $25! More info here Disturbia Happy hauntings!!

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