Cousin Jessi romps with Team Gregula through Midnight Terror Haunted House (2019)

Cousin Jessi romps with Team Gregula through Midnight Terror Haunted House (2019)

What is more terrifying then midnight? How about a TERROR at midnight? Huh? Ya, sorry I’ll work on that later…Anywho, Team Gregula was sure terrified when we visited Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn!

This year, Midnight Terror has amped up its haunt and changed some things around since last year. Lots of different sets and scenes greeted us as we walked in. there were swamps, creepy cabins, a dentist office that I definitely won’t visit, and even an EVIL church – cuz what haunted house would be complete without an EVIL church? The chainsaw maze was closed the day we went because of it being outside and raining. That was fine by me because I’m too old to run away from chainsaw welding nut-jobs, plus I hate all the fumes anyway.

My favorite part of the haunt was actually my least favorite part, the low celling maze. These are always the scariest part of a haunt because you don’t know how long you are going to have to walk crouched over and uncomfortable. Fortunately Countess and I are short so it didn’t matter too much, but for Cousins Marco and Gregula….no good! Also Midnight Terror had a squishy wall that squished you against the wall rather than just squishing you as you walk through it. I thought that was a cool and different approach to making someone uncomfortable. And they had a spinning room!

Along with scary scenes and actors, there was some animatronic ghouls that jumped out at you made you fall back a bit. The actors did a good job and understood their characters very well. In one scene, a couple actors kept saying “he’s getting angry! He’s really angry!” I thought that was very scary, however, we never did find out who “he” was. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to meet any huge monster or terrifying demon at the end. It’s unclear if this “he” even existed in the first place.

Overall, Midnight Terror was a fun and frightening good time! The haunt still has no definite theme but it was a lot better than last year! I give it 4 out of 5 Ankhs.

There is still time to see it! You can still go next week the 24th through Nov. 2 and tickets are only $24.99, more info here Midnight Terror Haunted House Happy Haunts all!

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