It ain't easy being a Draak-Kin! But try it anyway with Golden Treasure : The Great Green!

It ain't easy being a Draak-Kin! But try it anyway with Golden Treasure : The Great Green!

Everyone loves a good old fantasy game with knights and villagers fighting dragons, but what about when you are the dragon and it’s up to you to decide what to do with the villagers?

Dreaming Door’s Golden Treasure: The Great Green is the story of a young Draak-Kin (sound familiar??) who was just born and now has to survive and do what other Draak-Kin do. This involves hunting creatures for food, finding shelter and protecting it from other Draak-Kin who will try to claim it, and collect treasure…LOTS of treasure!
Golden Treasure is set up as a text-based adventure game with visuals. The game is very open ended and you make all the choices as to what the little Kin will do and if he will be kind and help out the lesser beings or if he will show them their place. The choices you make will affect everything that happens to the Kin and will even help decide what his elemental influences will be. After you play for a bit you will start to catch on which choices will lead to gaining certain elements. For instance, helping or sparing characters will most likely give you more Earth magic whereas harming creatures will give you more Fire. Along with giving you magical spells that will help you complete tasks in the game, the elements work as your stats, fire is your power and water is your vitality etc. So you really want to keep them all up, however when your Kin grows up he will actually become the color of the element you use the most which is cool – especially if you use them pretty equally you can make a cool rainbowy Kin!

I love how the game treats you like a newborn who knows nothing of the world you are in, because that is exactly what is going on with the little Kin! You the player need to figure out everything right along with the Kin. What is good, what is bad, what will be a good choice what won’t. It makes you really feel like you are this poor little Kin who was givin very little instruction other than instinct. As with growing up you also learn that your actions have consequences. Some of your choices will not only affect you but also affect how the other Kins feel about you and how the other creatures in the game feel as well. Draak-Kin are described as both “creators and destroyers” so keep that in mind.

Golden Treasure is fast paced as well and doesn’t allow you much time for trial and error. You only have a certain amount of days to complete everything you need to do before you grow larger or have to move on. Not completing certain things could put the little Kin in a lot of trouble. It is possible to die in the game as well. You can die up to three times (the game just says you experienced a bad dream and you start that day over again) before you are done and have to start over again. The nice thing is that you start the game over at the same level and a couple other things like the tarot cards you collect, but you lose all of your items. So you could potentially start the game at a really high level by purposely killing yourself…just saying.

One thing that bothered me about Golden Treasure is that some choices are timed and if you don’t respond quick enough it just picks an answer for you. I am a slow reader and especially get stressed when I have to make a big choice so this did not work for me. And there is no way to go back either as the game saves as you play so you can’t try again if you make a mistake.

The best part of Golden Treasure is the beautifully drawn scenes and characters along with a great musical score that really puts you in the mood of the game. It’s especially nice to see the world change around you based on your decisions.
Golden Treasure is a bit fast-paced and sometimes the text moves to fast to let you make a good decision, but there is tons of variety and choices to make which allows for lots of replay value. In fact there is no way to accomplish everything in one play through. The beautiful imagery and music also add to the enjoyment of the game. I give it 4 outta 5 Ankhs.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is available on Steam and on the Dreaming Door website for $19.99. Definitely check it out and maybe even purchase the sound track for $9.99!

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