Team Gregula Visits the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair

Team Gregula Visits the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair

Well kids it’s summer and what do people like to do in the summer? Go to festivals of course! And one great fest to attend this year is the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee! Food, music, rides, and fun!


So once again Team Gregula ventured out to the fairgrounds of Wisconsin to see all the cheese and confectionaries it had to offer! We ate LOTS of food while there, since it is a necessity after all. We tried some pretzel bites and cheese from Gertrude’s Fresh Pretzels which were very good and rolled into small balls. We sampled some frozen pizza from Emil’s Pizza which was also very good! I loved that it was more cheese than tomato sauce and the “works” pizza was good as well. And of course, what is a visit to Cheese Country without having some famous grilled cheese from Siggy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese? They offer cheddar and swiss cheese sandwiches as well as cheese curds and sticks. You really can’t go wrong and they were of course delicious. That was only the tip of the iceberg too! There were also tons of other food vendors that offered brats, potatoes, corn, burgers, ribs, stir-fry, and even soba!




Ready for dessert? There was tons of pastry shops shops, fried things on sticks (including olives!) and of course the inevitable cream puff! You simply can’t go to the fair without stopping at the self-explanatory bakery Original Cream Puff Bakery. Cream puffs too big to fit in your mouth but that won’t stop you from eating it! There is also lots of ice cream, fried Oreos and other yummy snacks that probably shouldn’t be fried, candy apples, pastries,sno cones, and of course donuts! I tried some apple cider donuts from Wisconsin Apple Growers which were good because they tasted homemade, but honestly I could’ve done with a bit more apple taste. I also would skip out on the chocolate covered twizzlers as they just tasted odd, by that’s just me.




Need to wash that all down? The fest definitely has it’s share of bars and frozen lemonade stands! There are also several coffee cafes as well. And don’t forget the Milk! The Milk House (sponsored by the Milwaukee Bucks) was there so you can try out crazy flavors of milk like mint and rootbeer. We stopped at Sprecher Brewery for some frozen pops and Gregula tried out a hard Arnold Palmer which tasted just like the non-alcoholic version! And you can take your beers and frozen concoctions to one of the many stages around the fair and listen to some fun cover bands. New ones come every day as well. Wisconsin State Fair also has a great line-up of some more popular bands like The Commadores, and Hall and Oates. Team Gregula was able to see Fitz and the Tantrums while we were there, stay tuned for a review!



Ok enough food people! There’s plenty more to do at the fair! There are lots of scary and fun rides to be ridden as well for the price of a few tickets. If you go after 7 you can purchase a wrist band for unlimited rides as well! You can also take a ski-lift ride from one side of the fair to the other if you an’t afraid of heights. Rides not your thing? There are tons of vendors to buy from, especially in the exposition building. It’s chock full of venders selling hot tubs, products to improve your mind and body, food, home decorations, and hot sauce…lots of hot sauce!




Oh and don’t forget Wisconsin is a huge farmland as well! Go and visit the cows and other animals and even see a couple farm grading shows to see which cow is the best looker in the joint! Animals are Cousin Jessi’s favorite part of fairs – next to the food that is! There are a couple petting zoos as well. While you are there you should definitely check out the Youth Expo Hall and Stage for a wonderful exhibit of child made arts and crafts made by kids from Wisconsin. There is clothing, science experiments, art work, and other handy crafts that are simply amazing. You can even play with a couple hand made robots and the kiddies can make some of their own art projects.



Did I miss anything? Most likely because there is tons more stuff that Team Gregula wasn’t able to see since we were only able to attend one day. You definitely need to check out the Wisconsin State Fair this year and if you are able to, attend more than one day to get the full affect. We give the fair 5 ankhs just for being so full of fun and entertainment for all ages!


Check out more info about the fair that is going on now till August 11 here. Have a great time!

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